Coinbase Reportedly Re-Launching Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)


Coinbase plans to relist Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) on some platforms to show support. The American cryptocurrency trading platform, Coinbase Global Inc., is getting ready for this relisting. This news, circulating on Crypto X, is considered a major positive development that could help Terra Luna Classic reach new all-time highs.

Allegedly, Coinbase has reinstated LUNC swaps on its main wallet, favoring LUNC over LUNA. This move hints at a potential relisting of LUNC by the exchange in the near future. Consequently, the price of LUNC has surged, along with its key performance indicators.

Coinbase Wallet Shows Support for Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)

Recent discussions among members of the LUNC community on X revealed that Coinbase Wallet has displayed support for LUNC. Notably, one of the first individuals to break this news, @MrDiamondhandz1, a respected validator in the community, highlighted that Terra Luna Classic is now available for trading on Coinbase Wallet.

@MrDiamondhandz1 noted the absence of any mention regarding the status of Terra Luna (LUNA) on Coinbase Wallet. This absence is significant given the history of Terraform Labs‘ collapse in 2022, which led to the liquidation of over $60 billion in both cryptocurrencies, including LUNA. Consequently, many platforms delisted the original coin LUNA, a decision that remains in effect to date.

To salvage the protocol, Do Kwon-led Terraform Labs supported the forking of a new chain, retaining the Terra (LUNA) identity. The old chain was rebranded as Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and has since endeavored to innovate and regain broader market confidence. LUNC’s efforts to rally the community and restore its former glory have been ongoing.

The current indication of a potential listing on Coinbase Wallet serves as a significant vote of confidence for the Terra Luna Classic project, indicating potential support and recognition from a major platform.

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Coinbase Considers Relisting Terra Luna Classic

The news of Coinbase possibly relisting Terra Luna Classic has sparked optimism among the community. Currently, the price of LUNC has risen by 1.10% in the last 24 hours, reaching $0.0001054. This increase is significant, considering the token’s recent trading lows, indicating a notable shift in trend amid positive developments this month.

To improve the ecosystem, the Terra Luna Classic community has suggested involving Allnodes as an official organization to manage the circulating supply. This collaborative effort aims to strengthen and streamline the ecosystem.

As efforts continue to revitalize the ecosystem, a potential listing on Coinbase could greatly boost these initiatives. Being recognized and supported by a major platform like Coinbase would provide a substantial lift to Terra Luna Classic’s efforts to regain traction and expand its presence in the market.

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