Coinbase’s Crypto Lobbying Targets Four Swing States

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According to a poll conducted by Coinbase in New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, 55% of voters in these states would be less inclined to vote for a presidential candidate who is against Web3 technology.

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Coinbase has revealed plans to concentrate its “Stand with Crypto” campaign on nine states in the United States, with a particular focus on four “swing states.”

These four states, including New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, were chosen based on polling data indicating that 55% of voters in these states would be less inclined to vote for candidates who are against cryptocurrencies and Web3 technology. Coinbase aims to promote crypto-friendly policies in these key states.

A poll conducted in October included 800 likely voters in four important states. The survey found that between 13% to 19% of respondents in these states claimed to own cryptocurrency at the time of the polling.

Percentage of voters in the four swing states that own cryptocurrencies or nonfungible tokens. Source: Morning Consult

Blockchain Remittances Benefit Crypto Owners in Three States

Coinbase mentioned that in Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, over 40% of cryptocurrency owners use blockchain technology to send money abroad, aiding their families in covering expenses like food, housing, and healthcare. This approach is significantly cheaper than traditional international wire transfers offered by banks.

Coinbase’s Ongoing ‘Stand With Crypto’ Campaign Expands to Nine States

Coinbase’s “Stand With Crypto” campaign, which began in August and has been running for 14 months, continues to advocate for crypto-related legislation in the United States.

While the primary focus remains on the four “swing states,” namely New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, the campaign is also giving significant attention to Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

These states have a higher proportion of cryptocurrency owners, and Coinbase aims to promote crypto-friendly policies amidst a mix of support and opposition from elected officials in Congress.

Coinbase is gearing up for a “Stand with Crypto Day” scheduled for September 27th in Washington D.C., where they will advocate for improved cryptocurrency innovation and policy.

The campaign also encourages crypto enthusiasts to contact their Congressional representatives and urge them to pass straightforward and sensible crypto-related laws.

Coinbase aims to shift the advocacy efforts from online platforms to phone calls, rallying the crypto community to take a minute to reach out to their representatives in support of clear and favorable crypto legislation.

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