Creator of Terra Classic reveals new chain of smart apps powered by AI

  • The lead developer of the project, Edward Kim, shared pictures of the whitepaper.
  • To gain access, users need to deposit real LUNC tokens into a special burn address.

“People are surprised to hear that Terra Classic may soon have its first AI-powered app chain. The lead developer, Edward Kim, shared images of the Block Entropy AI chain’s whitepaper on Saturday.

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Although details are limited, Kim confirmed that the TestNet playground, which is a simulation tool for users to test and explore, will be available to the public next month. It will only support a few “machine-learning inference tasks,” such as AI image diffusion, text language models, and music generation.

Access is not free:

Although the complete white paper will be released soon, Kim stated that advancements in distributed training mechanisms, Python APIs, SNARK verification methods, and other fine-tuning modules to enhance the results will not be available right away. They will be introduced in later phases.

Access to TestNet is not open to everyone. To use TestNet, you must deposit real LUNC tokens to a unique burn address and then provide the transaction hash to the faucet.

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The burn faucet, which Kim says will be launched next month, will be showcased at this event that people are eagerly awaiting.

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If you burn a specific quantity of LUNC, you will receive a certain quantity of testnet tokens. These tokens do not have any real-world value and are only usable for machine learning experiments. Kim highlighted that the development of the critical Interchain Accounts (ICA) module has been completed and is now undergoing testing on the LUNC L1 TestNet.