Crypto Analyst Says, No One Uses Tron, Yet TVL Remarkable

  • The crypto expert Emperor Osmo expressed uncertainty about the high Total Value Locked (TVL) amount of Tron.
  • DeFiLlama reports that Tron has the third highest Total Value Locked (TVL) of $5.16 billion.
  • The analyst said that he has not come across anyone who uses the Tron platform.

On April 28, the crypto analyst Emperor Osmo expressed his doubts about Tron’s high Total Value Locked (TVL) on Twitter. Tron was ranked third with a TVL of over $5 billion by the DeFi TVL aggregator DeFiLlama. The analyst shared his concern about the platform’s reach, stating that he hasn’t seen or met anyone using it.

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TVL is a way to measure the total value of digital assets that are locked or staked in DeFi. When a platform has a higher TVL value, it is considered more trustworthy.

Emperor Osmo tweeted on April 28, including a picture of the data from DefiLlama, showing that Tron ranked third in Total Value Locked (TVL) with $5.16 billion. This was after Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, which had $56.32 billion and $6.86 billion TVL respectively.

Osmo, a crypto analyst, expressed surprise at Tron’s high Total Value Locked (TVL) of over $5 billion, which was reported by DeFiLlama, a platform that tracks DeFi TVL. TVL is a metric used to measure the total value of digital assets locked or staked in DeFi. Osmo shared a screenshot of the data and asked for clarification since he has never personally come across anyone using the Tron blockchain platform.

Tron has been doing really well recently, with its Total Value Locked (TVL) reaching the second-highest value, surpassing other leading platforms like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Solana.

People reacted differently to the tweet by the crypto analyst about Tron’s Total Value Locked (TVL). Some supporters of Tron said that the platform is popular for stablecoin transactions and many Asian market makers use it to move USDT. However, others agreed with the analyst and believed that Tron is a scam.


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