Crypto Market Update and SUI Coin Forecast

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In the last 24 hours, the crypto markets have seen significant activity. Bitcoin remains above $41,300, while SUI Coin has surpassed a crucial total value locked (TVL) milestone. Investors are closely monitoring SUI Coin’s performance post-milestone.

The week ahead is expected to bring further developments in the cryptocurrency space, with anticipation surrounding updates on the GBTC for insights into market sentiment.

OpenSea’s Strategy, SUI Coin’s Rise, Bitcoin ETF Inflows

OpenSea’s CEO, Devin Pinzer, revealed to DL News a potential shift in strategy, indicating openness to acquisitions or even a sale under favorable conditions. This comes after OpenSea, a dominant NFT marketplace during the last bull market, downsized its workforce and experienced revenue declines post-bull season.

DeFiLlama data highlights SUI Coin’s ascent to the top 10 blockchains by total size since its launch approximately a year ago by former members of Facebook’s Libra project. Developed by Mysten Labs, SUI Coin aims to deliver a user-friendly blockchain experience akin to sending an email.

Bitmex Research reports a substantial $14.8 million inflow into the Bitcoin ETF during its initial five days of continuous trading. BlackRock’s assets surpassing $2 billion and encouraging net inflows despite GBTC sales further underscore the growing interest in Bitcoin investment products.

SUI Coin Price Analysis

On the daily chart, SUI Coin has struggled to surpass the $1.45 support level, indicating a potential reversal in the short term. A daily close below $1.36 might trigger a decline towards support levels at $1.315, $1.22, and then $1.16. Despite this, the short-term market sentiment remains relatively positive, suggesting the likelihood of maintaining higher support levels.

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Since its inception in May last year, this popular cryptocurrency faced a downturn after reaching an all-time high (ATH) near $2. The conversion of airdrop entitlements into cash contributed to keeping it below its peak for an extended period.

On the weekly chart, reclaiming the $1.5 threshold could pave the way for a potential retest of $2. SUI Coin has been establishing higher peaks over the last three weeks, signaling a bullish trend that could propel it beyond $2 and potentially towards highs of $3 or more in the coming weeks.

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