Cryptoquant CEO Seeks User Feedback for ETF Dashboard Enhancement

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The CEO of Cryptoquant is seeking user feedback to enhance their ETF dashboard, which recently debuted a “Bitcoin spot ETF off-chain fund flows dashboard.” This tool offers insights into ten listed spot Bitcoin ETFs.

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Cryptoquant CEO Ki Young Ju is seeking user feedback for the platform’s newly launched “Bitcoin spot ETF off-chain fund flows dashboard.” Ju shared a screenshot on X (formerly Twitter) and invited users to provide input for further improvements.

Cryptoquant Launches Bitcoin Spot ETF Dashboard

Cryptoquant has introduced a new dashboard offering insights into the fund flows of ten prominent Bitcoin ETFs. The featured ETFs encompass BlackRock, Grayscale, Fidelity, Bitwise, ARK/21 Shares, Invesco/Galaxy, Valkyrie, VanEck, Franklin Templeton, and WisdomTree.

The Cryptoquant dashboard, as displayed in a shared screenshot, provides essential details such as date, ticker, issuer, trade volume, and more, facilitating users in their analysis. At the time of the announcement, data from the Cryptoquant spot Bitcoin ETF dashboard highlighted Grayscale (GBTC) as the top spot ETF, boasting a trade volume of 35,575,141, making it the leader in shares among the featured ETFs.

Cryptoquant’s Bitcoin Spot ETF Dashboard Insights

Cryptoquant’s recently launched Bitcoin spot ETF dashboard offers comprehensive insights into the performance of notable ETF products. Grayscale (GBTC) emerged as the top spot ETF, leading the shares chart with a substantial trade volume of 35,575,141. Following closely, BlackRock secured the second position with 18,256,798 shares. The remaining ETFs, including Fidelity, Bitwise, Ark/21 Shares, and others, exhibited varying trade volumes.

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The dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of essential metrics such as Holding Bitcoin Amount, Premium Discount, and Shares Outstanding for each listed product. Users can access a pie chart illustrating the ratio of Bitcoin Holding Amount across all featured ETFs, enhancing clarity in data interpretation.

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Moreover, the dashboard incorporates a histogram showcasing the Historical Netflow Trend of the listed ETF products. This feature utilizes single daily bars to present the daily netflow ratio of various ETFs, offering users a succinct overview of historical performance trends.

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