DOGE and SHIB Investors Seek New Opportunities

Doge vs Shiba

Dogecoin (DOGE) experienced a 9.2% increase following the announcement of perpetual futures listing on Coinbase. Meanwhile, Shiba Inu (SHIB) saw a 1.4% improvement after gaining support from Plena. In the realm of meme coins, a new contender has surged, establishing itself as one of the top ICO tokens by breaking records during its presale.

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Dogecoin (DOGE) is showing gradual gains following Coinbase’s announcement of listing perpetual futures. Similarly, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has seen improvement with added support from the crypto super app. Notably, a new cryptocurrency token is catching investors’ attention, having successfully concluded its initial presale round.

Coinbase Boosts DOGE with Perpetual Futures Listing

On November 27, 2023, Coinbase made a significant announcement, revealing plans to list perpetual futures for several prominent cryptocurrencies, including DOGE (Dogecoin). This move was part of Coinbase’s broader initiative to introduce perpetual futures globally, expanding its international offerings.

Following this announcement, the price of DOGE experienced a notable surge. On November 27, DOGE was trading at $0.07709. Subsequently, it recorded a 9.2% gain, reaching $0.08422 per DOGE on November 30, and briefly hitting $0.1 before retracing. With the anticipated listing of Dogecoin scheduled for December 30, there is speculation that DOGE’s upward momentum might persist.

However, potential investors are urged to consider Dogecoin’s future price predictions before making decisions. In a bullish market scenario, DOGE could aim to reclaim the $0.1 mark and potentially reach $0.1443 in early 2024. Conversely, in a bearish market, DOGE might face challenges surpassing $0.1194. It’s essential to stay vigilant and assess market conditions carefully.

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Plena Adds Support for SHIB: Price Gains 1.4%

On November 29, 2023, the Shiba Inu News account, now known as X, took to Twitter to announce that SHIB, the native token of Shiba Inu, is now accessible on Plena. As a crypto super-app leveraging Account Abstraction, Plena empowers users to seamlessly engage in actions like sending, receiving, swapping, and bridging assets with a single tap.

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Following this announcement, SHIB experienced a 1.4% increase in value. On November 29, SHIB was trading at $0.000008178, and after the uptick, it reached $0.000008295 on November 30.

For investors eyeing Shiba Inu for long-term potential, it remains an altcoin worth monitoring. However, those seeking short-term gains are advised to delve into Shiba Inu’s price predictions for the upcoming year.

In an optimistic market scenario, SHIB could aim for $0.000015 by the close of 2024. Conversely, in a bearish market, the value might adjust to $0.000012 in 2024. Patience may be key for Shiba Inu enthusiasts awaiting substantial price increments.

Rebel Satoshi (RBLZ): Empowering the Crypto Rebels

In a bid to disrupt the crypto landscape, Rebel Satoshi (RBLZ) emerges as a new meme coin with a mission to challenge the prevailing norms. The core objective of Rebel Satoshi is to rally the underdogs against exploitative systems that predominantly favor the elite in the cryptocurrency world.

At the heart of this movement lies $RBLZ, the native token of Rebel Satoshi, symbolizing hope for the rebels and offering exclusive benefits to its investors. These benefits extend to active participation in the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem.

Currently in the Rebels Round 1 stage of its presale, Rebel Satoshi’s native token $RBLZ is available at $0.013 per unit. As the project gears up for its official launch, $RBLZ is anticipated to reach $0.025, promising early investors a substantial 150% return on investment.

Setting an ambitious goal, $RBLZ aims to achieve a market capitalization of $100 million. The project has already garnered attention, having sold 25 million tokens within three weeks, drawing interest from investors and crypto enthusiasts alike. New investors eager to join the Rebel Satoshi presale have the flexibility to purchase $RBLZ tokens using Bitcoin and a selection of 50 top altcoins.

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