Elon Musk’s Update Excites XRP and Meme Coin Communities

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Tech tycoon Elon Musk, who bought Twitter in October 2022 for $44 billion and renamed it X, has announced an upgrade to a key feature of his social media platform. This feature, called Community Notes, helps verify real information and correct false information.

The announcement excited many XRP fans and meme lovers in the X community, who responded with enthusiasm to the news.

Elon Musk Announces New Features for X Platform

Elon Musk, who now oversees X after acquiring Twitter, recently tweeted about a new enhancement to the platform’s Community Notes feature. He announced that users can now translate Community Notes with a single click, facilitating easy access to information across different languages. Musk’s tweet, initially posted in French, highlighted this feature’s immediate availability for contributors and its upcoming rollout to all X users.

In response to Musk’s announcement, @XRPcryptowolf, a prominent XRP supporter, reiterated the community’s interest in integrating cryptocurrency payments on the X platform. Similarly, @X_BEBEeth, a meme artist, and others in the meme community expressed curiosity about the timeline for introducing crypto payments on X. The news generated a flurry of reactions, with many users applauding Musk’s updates and suggesting ideas like integrating Grok into Community Notes.

Microsoft’s “Recall” Feature Sparks Controversy

This week, Microsoft introduced a new AI-driven feature called “Recall,” which has stirred significant discussion within the cryptocurrency community and beyond. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, unveiled Recall as an enhancement to the company’s Co-Pilot AI. This feature continuously captures screenshots of users’ PCs or laptops, creating an archive that users can later search through, powered by AI processing.

Elon Musk, commenting on the announcement, likened Recall to a scenario from the TV series “Black Mirror” and expressed his intention to disable this feature. Meanwhile, Vitalik Buterin raised concerns about the potential collection of this data and its storage in Microsoft’s databases.

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In response, Satya Nadella clarified that Recall operates locally, meaning the data is stored only on users’ devices and not collected or stored centrally by Microsoft. This reassurance aims to address privacy concerns raised by users and industry observers alike regarding the new AI feature.

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