Ethereum (ETH) Price Surges on Vitalik Buterin’s AI Comment

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum Eth

Vitalik Buterin suggests Ethereum might start using artificial intelligence (AI) to fix bugs and verify code. Ethereum’s price is currently at $2900.

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On Monday, Ethereum (ETH) experienced a brief surge in price, surpassing $2,900, which reignited excitement within the community just before the upcoming Dencun upgrade. This price increase follows a recent post by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, discussing the potential applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the cryptocurrency space.

Vitalik Buterin Explores AI in Crypto

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, has been actively exploring the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), discussing both its advantages and disadvantages. In a recent discussion, he highlighted the intersection between crypto and AI, identifying potential applications and associated risks.

In a post on February 19, Buterin expressed his enthusiasm for AI, particularly in the context of assisting with formal verification of code and bug detection. He believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize the process of identifying and fixing bugs, which he identifies as one of Ethereum’s most significant technical risks.

According to Buterin, the Ethereum Virtual Machine’s (EVM) design presents challenges for verification, particularly in discovering simple control flow due to indirect branching. Wolfgang Grieskamp from Aptos Labs noted the difficulty in verifying the EVM’s design and suggested that while formal verification of other platforms like Move may be easier, AI could still enhance the process.

Ethereum Prepares for Dencun Upgrade: Buterin’s Focus on Verkle Trees

As Ethereum gears up for the Dencun (Deneb and Cancun) upgrade, scheduled to launch on March 13, Vitalik Buterin is placing significant emphasis on Verkle trees. According to Buterin, referencing a website maintained by Ethereum Foundation developers, Verkle trees will facilitate stateless validator clients. This advancement will enable staking nodes to operate with minimal hard disk space and achieve nearly instant synchronization, ultimately enhancing the solo staking experience.

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Amidst these developments, the price of ETH has surged to $2,900, marking a 3% increase in the past 24 hours. The cryptocurrency’s trading range during this period fluctuated between $2,780 and $2,902. Additionally, trading volume has surged by over 30% within the last 24 hours, indicating a notable uptick in trader interest. Analysts are optimistic about Ethereum’s prospects, predicting a smooth rally above the $3,000 mark.

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