Ethereum Mainnet Faces 25-Minute Transaction Finalization Issue

Developers Resolve Ethereum Mainnet’s Transaction Finalization Issues and Initiate Investigation into Outage Causes

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On Thursday, the Ethereum mainnet encountered a temporary disruption where transaction confirmations were incomplete for approximately 25 minutes, as blocks were being proposed but not fully finalized. Developers are actively investigating the root causes of this incident.

During the 25-minute period, users of the Ethereum blockchain observed their transactions seemingly progressing. However, due to the malfunction, there was a risk that these transactions could have been subject to alterations or inconsistencies.

Several Ethereum core developers took to Twitter to announce the lack of transaction finalization on the blockchain and their ongoing investigation into the matter. This issue bears similarities to a previous incident that stemmed from a bug found in one of the blockchain’s client software. (past was caused a bug)

The beacon chain recently experienced a temporary period of non-finalization, showcasing the resilience of the Ethereum network. Despite a slight slowdown in block processing, transactions continued to be processed without interruption. The situation has been resolved, and the network has returned to its normal functioning.— ansgar.eth (@adietrichs) May 11, 2023.

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Following an approximately 25-minute period, the Ethereum mainnet successfully resumed block finalization. The developers involved have confirmed their ongoing investigation into the root causes of the outage and have assured the community that they will provide a timely report with their findings.

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The Ethereum mainnet has been fully finalized, and the incident is currently under investigation. Further updates will be shared with the community in due course. – terence.eth (@terencechain) May 11, 2023.



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