Ethereum Network’s Two-Day Problems Update Released!

  • The developers have released a fix to address the ongoing finality issues on the Ethereum network.

The developers of Ethereum (ETH) have made important updates to resolve the finality issues that were impacting the beacon chain. The beacon chain is a fundamental part of Ethereum 2.0, which aims to enhance the network’s security and efficiency by transitioning from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. Finality refers to the level of security and permanence of the blocks in the chain.

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On Thursday and Friday, the Beacon chain of Ethereum faced some problems with finality. However, users of ETH did not face any issues with their transactions.

In a statement from the Ethereum Foundation, it was mentioned that the network was able to recover from the finality issues because there are different client applications used by Ethereum users. Not all of these applications were affected by the problem. Once all the clients recognized the situation, the network returned to its normal state.

According to the Ethereum Foundation, the exact cause of the finality issues is still under investigation. However, they mentioned that it seems to be related to the high load on certain consensus layer clients, which is a rare situation. The Prysm team, upon identifying and resolving the issue, released a hotfix on Friday. They strongly advised all Prysm users to update their nodes promptly.

The Prysm Ethereum Client team has announced the release of v4.0.3-hotfix. This update includes an optimization that helps reduce the strain on the beacon node when there is a high demand for resources. If your node is experiencing heavy usage, it is strongly advised to upgrade to this version. You can find more information in the release notes provided by Prysm Ethereum Client.


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