Expert Says XRP Could Reach $1.88 in Price Comeback

XRP's Bullish

Crypto market analyst Dark Defender says that XRP’s target price of $1.88 is coming up fast. He points out a triangle pattern and thinks if XRP stays above an important support level, it will definitely hit $1.

Investors are feeling hopeful after XRP’s recent price increase. With XRP’s price going down recently, it’s now starting to go up again. Another well-known analyst thinks it’s getting closer to reaching $1.88.

XRP’s Price Prediction and Analysis by Dark Defender

Today, XRP, a cryptocurrency supported by Ripple Labs, captured significant attention from investors as its price bounced back after experiencing notable losses. Interestingly, amidst this positive movement, a renowned crypto analyst shared an optimistic forecast for XRP’s price trajectory.

The prediction, suggesting that XRP’s price target of $1.88 is achievable, quickly garnered attention across the crypto market. Dark Defender’s analysis delves into XRP’s weekly time frame, hinting at the cryptocurrency inching closer to the $1.88 mark, as per the Elliott Wave theory.

In a recent analysis, Dark Defender emphasizes essential Fibonacci levels, highlighting XRP’s ability to maintain its position above the critical 38.20% level at $0.4623. Attention is drawn to a potential Triangle formation, with $0.5286 identified as a crucial support zone. The analyst anticipates a breakout above this level, potentially fueling XRP’s rally towards $1.

Courtesy – Dark Defender

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According to the analysis, following the surpassing of $1, Wave 3 targets could extend even further, with XRP aiming for $5.85 and $18.22, based on Elliott theory guidelines. Despite a previous prediction in April falling short, Dark Defender remains steadfast in proclaiming XRP’s imminent attainment of the $1 target, generating significant interest among market participants.

XRP’s Price and Market Dynamics

At present, the XRP token has registered gains of 2.34% over the past 24 hours, with its current trading price standing at $0.5243. However, Coinglass data has unveiled a 1.13% decrease in XRP’s open interest, accompanied by a significant 40.68% decline in derivatives volume.

These fluctuations coincide with XRP’s recent highly volatile movement, contributing to a blend of sentiments among traders and investors in the crypto market. The erratic behavior of XRP’s price trajectory has left many uncertain about its future direction.

Additionally, there has been a notable increase in whale activity surrounding the XRP token, further complicating the understanding of its price movements in the days ahead. The heightened activity among large investors adds another layer of mystery to XRP’s price action.

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