Floki Inu Forms Strategic Partnership with Binance Pay

Floki Inu, the fourth-largest meme coin based on market capitalization, has announced an important partnership. The collaboration, which begins today, focuses on promoting the use of Floki through a marketing campaign in conjunction with Binance Pay. As part of the campaign, users will be rewarded for their participation.

According to the announcement, users who buy goods worth at least $1 using FLOKI through Binance Pay from eligible Binance Marketplace merchants will receive cashback rewards.

Binance to Provide Support for Floki Marketing Initiatives

Floki Inu’s team recently took to Twitter to announce that Binance Pay will lend its support to the upcoming marketing campaign. The collaboration involves promoting the campaign on multiple channels, such as the Binance Pay homepage and social media platforms. Both Binance and Floki will share and highlight the campaign on their respective social media accounts.

The main objective of this strategic partnership is to increase the usefulness of the token through Binance Pay and to generate greater exposure for Floki Inu, which currently holds the fourth spot in terms of market capitalization among meme coins.

Floki Inu Now Accessible on AliExpress

In an exciting development, the Floki team has announced a collaboration with AliExpress, a prominent global e-commerce platform. Through integration with Shopping.io, Floki Inu will gain exposure to billions of potential customers across more than 200 countries. This integration allows users to purchase a wide variety of products available on AliExpress.

The partnership with AliExpress follows closely after Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, listed the Doge-inspired meme coin about a month ago.

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Earlier this month, the creators of Floki, the meme coin, announced their sponsorship of the TTF World Championships 2023. This exciting news caused the price of Floki to soar. The games were broadcasted on China Sports TV (CCTV5), and Floki had a notable presence, captivating an audience of more than 970 million people.

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