FLOKI Partners with Uphold; Listed on Major Exchange

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Uphold’s partnership expands FLOKI’s global reach while the token’s total value locked (TVL) soars to $526 million, surpassing other leading memecoins. Additionally, FLOKI DAO greenlights a massive token burn of 190.9 billion tokens to enhance its value.

FLOKI, a well-known meme token, has partnered with Uphold, a global digital trading platform with a vast user base of over 30 million. This collaboration is a big step for FLOKI, known as ‘The People’s Cryptocurrency’, as it gains access to one of the largest retail trading platforms worldwide, especially in the US.

FLOKI’s Partnership with Uphold and Price Surge

Uphold, a leading digital trading platform, now offers FLOKI alongside various other assets like Bitcoin and traditional fiat currencies. This partnership is a significant move for FLOKI’s global recognition and utilization, especially in the US market.

FLOKI has experienced an impressive surge in price recently, currently priced at $0.0001358. Over the past 7 days, it has surged by 171.2%, over 14 days by 305.1%, and over 30 days by an impressive 400%, according to CoinGecko.

FLOKI’s ecosystem is thriving, reaching an all-time high Total Value Locked (TVL) of $526 million. This milestone includes Floki Staking with $389.6 million and FlokiFi Locker with $136.9 million. Surpassing the combined TVL of other top memecoins, FLOKI’s appeal lies in its meme-driven charm and robust fundamentals.

FLOKI DAO Approves Token Burn

In response to FLOKI’s remarkable price surge, the FLOKI DAO has authorized a strategic maneuver to enhance the asset’s value. This move entails a token burn of 190.9 billion FLOKI tokens, equivalent to 2% of FLOKI’s circulating supply, scheduled for Saturday at 4 PM UTC. The burning, valued at $31.5 million, aims to bolster the long-term security and stability of the Floki project.

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As the crypto community eagerly awaits the FLOKI token burn, enthusiasts and investors of the memecoin are closely observing how this strategic action will influence FLOKI’s price trajectory.

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