Floki’s Landmark Partnership with World Table Tennis to Reach 120 Million People

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Floki is set to showcase its ecosystem to more than 120 million people through a new important partnership.

The community-driven blockchain project Floki achieved a significant milestone. They revealed their plans to use their partnership with World Table Tennis to introduce the Floki token and its upcoming sister token, set to launch on October 27.

Floki’s Sister Token Promotion at WTT Champions Event

Floki has partnered with the WTT Champions event in Frankfurt, running from October 29 to November 5, 2023, to promote its tokens. Floki and its sister token will be showcased on LED displays, A-boards, and various event materials. This promotion is expected to reach 120 million people in 189 countries, primarily a young audience aged 16-49.

The WTT events in Frankfurt will be broadcasted on China’s largest sports channel, CCTV-5, along with 120 other channels worldwide. Floki aims to replicate its prior success in China with a $10 million investment in this promotion, which coincides with the launch of the sister token, starting just two days after its release.

Floki Aims for a Strong Launch for Its New Token

Floki is about to introduce its new sister token, which has been in the works for two years. This token will come with a staking program, where users can earn rewards by staking FLOKI.

In addition to this, Floki has partnered with WTT for marketing, and they have lined up agreements with major crypto exchanges to support the new token once it’s launched.

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