From Bitcoin (BTC)’s $70K Feat to Ethereum (ETH)’s Rally: What’s Driving Cryptocurrency Markets?

The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, managed to rise above the $69k resistance yesterday and maintained its muscular stance.

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BTC, which has been facing selling pressure for a week, settled above $69k again with the purchases in the last three days. BTC, whose three-day gain rate reached 11%, started the day at $67210 yesterday and closed at $69880 with a 3.97% increase. BTC, which started the day at $69880, is trading at $70348 with a 0.67% increase. As long as it remains above 69k, the upward movement can be expected to continue.

BTC, which climbed above the 69k resistance and made its investors happy, fell to $60775 due to the selling pressure from this region. BTC, where purchases have started again for the last three days, regained confidence and settled above 69k. When we examine the chart, we see that BTC has a bright future above 69k and continues its muscular stance. In case of possible selling pressure for BTC, which is located above all EMA values, the support levels are horizontal support at 69k, EMA5 at $68190, and EMA21 at $66185. If it closes the week above 69k, the first BTC target can be 75k.


ETH, which ranks second behind BTC with a market value of 435 Billion dollars, settled above $ 3500 again, accompanied by the harsh buying experience on the Bitcoin side. ETH started the day at $3458 yesterday and closed at $3591 with a 3.99% increase. ETH, which began at $ 3591 today, continues its rise and is currently trading at $ 3631 with an increase of 1.10%. ETH will continue its upward movement if it stays above $3500.

ETHEREUM Chart Analysis
Things started to go well again in ETH, which settled above $ 3500 with the rise it experienced yesterday. ETH, the most significant coin after Bitcoin, continues to regain the trust of investors day by day. When we examine the chart, ETH, which is settled above $ 3500, is settled on EMA5 and EMA21. The first target for ETH, where I expect the upward movement to continue, is $4090, the highest value it has seen this year. In case of possible declines in the market, EMA5, $3529, and EMA21, $3527, are the support levels to be followed.

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