FTX 2.0 Reboot Plan Revealed in Court Filing, Launch Imminent

The newly appointed CEO of FTX has been having several meetings in the past month to revive the unsuccessful cryptocurrency exchange. They are actively participating in a bidding process to relaunch the exchange.

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The bankrupt crypto exchange FTX is making progress towards its revival under the leadership of new CEO John Ray III. According to recent court filings, he is actively developing a reboot plan for the exchange.

In a recent court filing on May 22, the FTX team submitted a compensation report detailing the efforts of CEO John Ray III in relation to the Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. The report outlined various actions taken by Ray to prioritize the interests of the company in financial distress. Notably, the mention of rebooting FTX garnered significant attention within the cryptocurrency community.

In January of this year, CEO John Ray III initially discussed the possibility of rebooting the struggling crypto exchange. Reports at the time indicated that the bankrupt exchange had identified $5.5 billion in liquid assets, and Ray was collaborating with creditors on a plan for revival. However, as the following month passed without any updates, the crypto community shifted its focus elsewhere. Surprisingly, in April, a new report surfaced, suggesting that the exchange had managed to recover $7.3 billion in assets. The FTX team now has plans to relaunch the crypto exchange by the second quarter of 2024.

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According to a recent court filing, it is evident that a reboot plan is actively being considered. The document emphasized that the new CEO, John Ray III, has held a number of meetings with creditors and debtors over the past month. These discussions are part of the ongoing efforts to explore potential options for the revival of the crypto exchange.

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During the meeting, several important topics were discussed, including the organization and structure of the exchange, the development of plans for relaunching it (FTX 2.0), the completion of necessary materials for the reboot, and the review of potential bidders for FTX 2.0. Based on the information provided in the document, it appears that FTX will be participating in a bidding process as part of its relaunch efforts.

The announcement of the FTX reboot had a positive impact on the price of the FTX token (FTT). After the news of the relaunch became public, the FTT token’s price increased by more than 13%, rising by $1.09.

FTT price movement on 1-hour time frame. Source: TradingView

The court document provided a sense of relief to the crypto community, with many praising Ray’s efforts to revive the exchange, which has significant debts to its creditors. A well-known crypto influencer on Twitter, known as DegenSpartan, suggested that FTX 2.0 could be the best way for everyone involved to recover from the situation.

He mentioned that some creditors may be willing to sell their assets at low prices in order to quickly exit their positions, which could potentially restore the solvency of the crypto exchange. However, not everyone was supportive of the reboot process, as some argued that the exchange’s foundation was rooted in fraudulent intentions.

A user on Twitter expressed their strong opposition to allowing FTX exchange to restart its operations, describing it as a sinister act. They claimed that FTX had caused significant harm to the industry through their exploitative actions.

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