GameStop Soars 300% as Roaring Kitty Buys Big GME Calls

GameStop Game Stop GME

“Roaring Kitty” came back to social media and shared that he is holding $181.4 million worth of GameStop stock and call options. This news caused the GME stock price to jump 19% overnight.

The GameStop ($GME) meme coin, which became famous during the short squeeze frenzy of 2021, has seen a huge 300% increase in the last 24 hours. Right now, the GME cryptocurrency is trading at $0.01366, with its market cap nearing $100 million. Additionally, daily trading volume has surged by an impressive 1,000%, surpassing $178 million.

Keith Gill’s Return Sparks GameStop Rally

Keith Gill, known online as “Roaring Kitty,” made his first social media appearance on Sunday evening since the market frenzy last month.

GameStop (NYSE: GME) stock price saw a significant rise of over 19% in overnight trading after Gill posted on Reddit, revealing he is holding $181.4 million worth of GME stock and call options.

Gill shared a screenshot purportedly showing his purchase of 5 million GME shares for $115.7 million and an investment of $65.7 million in call options, betting that GME would reach at least $20 a share by June 21. The screenshot also indicated that Gill has gained over $9.3 million on his GME holdings while sustaining a nearly $2.5 million loss on his call options.

Gill’s June 2 Reddit post under his DeepFuckingValue account. Source: Reddit

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Following Gill’s Reddit post, GME surged by 19.19% in 20 minutes on Robinhood’s overnight markets, reaching $27.58. GameStop closed at $23.14 on Friday, May 31, and has seen a 38.8% increase in shares this year, seemingly buoyed by Gill’s return, according to Google Finance.

Meme Coin Sector Shines Amid Market Consolidation

Despite broader market consolidation, the meme coin sector delivered a strong performance during April and May. While top meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have been consolidating, other players like Pepe Coin (PEPE) and Dogwifhat (WIF) have delivered multi-fold returns in recent weeks.

GameStop (GME) and meme coins continue to fuel a narrative of defying traditional wealth creation principles, offering the tantalizing prospect of turning ordinary investors into instant millionaires. GME and similar stocks are showing significant potential this quarter.

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