Google Unveils Bard AI’s Powerful New Model


Google has revealed the launch of an enhanced version of its AI chatbot Bard, which comes with advanced capabilities and a richer set of features.

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On Tuesday, Google unveiled its most advanced and feature-packed version of the artificial intelligence chatbot Bard. Earlier this year, following the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google introduced Bard as its alternative. Since its launch, Google has continually improved Bard by adding various features to enhance its utility and competitiveness.

Google Enhances Bard AI with Major Features

On September 19, Google announced the release of Bard’s most advanced model yet. This update enhances Bard’s ability to provide high-quality and accurate assistance. The improvements aim to make Bard more competitive and helpful compared to other AI alternatives like ChatGPT.

With these updates, Bard can now offer real-time information from Google apps such as Maps, YouTube, Hotels, and Flights. While these extensions are enabled by default, users have the option to disable them at any time.

Google intends for Bard AI to be a valuable tool for work. Users will be able to enable Bard in Gmail, Docs, and Drive, enabling it to assist in finding, summarizing, and answering questions related to personal content. It’s important to note that Google Workspace data will not be used to train Bard’s public model.

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Additionally, users can cross-reference Bard’s AI-generated responses with Google Search, share Bard conversations for more ideas, and utilize Google Lens to interact with Bard’s responses.

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