Hedera (HBAR) Sees Surge in New Account Creation

Hedera HBAR

Hedera (HBAR) is on the rise following a notable increase in new account creations. While the overall market recovery has played a part, the uptick in HBAR also reflects the natural growth of the Hedera project.

The Hedera network is growing, with more transactions and active users, mainly due to long-term DeFi projects. Recently, there’s been a quick rise in new addresses, as observed by Hedera users. This surge in active wallets is mostly linked to DeFi initiatives, with some input from NFT owners in the last six months. Enterprises can create up to 100 wallets at once using BitGo for Hedera’s new address setup.

Hedera’s Rise in DeFi: Expanding Horizons

In recent months, other platforms and blockchains have seen big gains from DeFi’s comeback. Hedera stands out for hosting various decentralized markets and lending programs, including ones like Pangolin DEX that have expanded to different chains.

While Hedera currently doesn’t have a lot of value locked in DeFi, it saw significant growth about six months ago. Decentralized trading and liquidity mining played big roles in bringing attention to the project, shifting focus from its long-term goals in global finance.

Hedera recently announced a partnership with similar projects aiming to shake up the finance sector. Working with Algorand, Ripple, XRPL Labs, Constellation, and Casper, Hedera is forming the Decentralized Recovery Alliance (DeRec), focusing on new ideas in finance.

Hedera’s Diverse Growth Strategy

Undoubtedly, Hedera has reaped rewards from the resurgence of DeFi and the 2024 bull market. Yet, the project remains focused on its long-term objectives, striving to aggressively expand its range of use cases.

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Introducing a new Beta program for app developers, Hedera aims to empower them with its technology. Recently, Hedera approved a fresh batch of projects, including Vayana Official, Inveniam, and FreshSupply, all geared towards advancing blockchain-based finance. These selected projects operate at the intersection of traditional payments and tokenization, contributing to Hedera’s growing ecosystem.

While IoT projects in the crypto space have often been met with skepticism, Hedera is making strides in this arena. With its capacity to handle high volumes of microtransactions and a design akin to IOTA and other graph-based networks, Hedera is well-equipped for IoT applications. The Neuron World Beta program, allowing developers to create and test sensors for everyday objects, is a testament to Hedera’s commitment to IoT development.

With 32 known nodes currently, the Hedera network boasts a global presence. These nodes, which stake 22 billion HBAR tokens during predetermined periods, are distributed worldwide, with several, including those operated by BitGo and Chainlink, based in the USA.

Hedera’s Community Focus and Market Positioning

Hedera has consistently prioritized community engagement and visibility efforts. The rise of DeFi activity on the network has played a crucial role in lifting HBAR from its bear market lows.

Market Performance and Volatility: HBAR recently traded at $0.11, rebounding from its lows of $0.09 but still below the monthly peak of $0.17. Known for its volatility, HBAR may revisit the lower end of the monthly range, although traders anticipate the next breakout.

Technical Analysis and Trading Volumes: Despite trading below its 200-day moving average, some traders believe HBAR may have reached its short-term bottom. Daily trading volumes remain relatively low at just under $100 million, but during active trading periods, activity has surged to $3.5 billion.

Market Expectations and Upside Potential: Expectations are high that Hedera will join the ranks of blue-chip projects in this market cycle. HBAR has gained visibility, securing a spot among the top 30 coins and tokens, with the potential to climb higher in the rankings. Signs of accumulation in recent weeks suggest that HBAR could experience significant upside, with the possibility of achieving 10x growth in the event of a new altcoin bull rally.

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