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The beginning of 2024 brought turbulence to crypto markets, leaving investors cautious despite recent gains. Notably, altcoins have outperformed Bitcoin, showcasing significant surges in value.

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In the final quarter of 2023, cryptocurrencies experienced remarkable surges, but 2024 has proven to be a volatile year. Despite Bitcoin’s recovery from bear market conditions that saw it drop to $15,000 in 2022, reaching $49,000 in early 2024, investor hesitation persists in the crypto market.

Altcoin Market Analysis and Top Performers

In the early days of 2024, altcoins witnessed sharp rises, particularly after the ETF decision, contrasting with Bitcoin’s performance. However, this bullish trend was short-lived, leading to a negative outlook in the market.

As days pass in the crypto market, Bitcoin’s price appears to find support due to the decline in GBTC sales, potentially indicating a similar trend for altcoins. According to CMC data, let’s explore the top 5 performing altcoins of the past 7 days.

At the forefront of this list is Chainlink (LINK), which, at the time of writing, has experienced a significant surge in price following recent news. Despite intraday fluctuations, LINK has surged by 27.67% over a 7-day period, trading around the $18 level.

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Moreover, LINK’s 24-hour trading volume witnessed a 29% increase, surpassing $1.5 billion, contributing to an overall volume uptick of 4%, exceeding $10 billion.

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Top Altcoins Performance in the Past Week

Taking the second spot on the list is Ronin (RON), boasting a weekly gain of 22%. Despite a slight 1.69% dip in the last 24 hours, RON has delivered a solid 26.48% return to its investors over the past 7 days, currently trading at the $2.83 level.

Meanwhile, Pyth Network (PYTH) has witnessed a remarkable surge in trading volume, soaring by 282% in the last 24 hours to surpass $380 million. This surge underscores significant investor interest in the altcoin.

Among the standout performers this week are Ronin (RON) and Pendle (PENDLE). RON has seen its price climb by 22.84% over the week to reach $2.83, while PENDLE has surged by 19.10% to $2.87.

Lastly, Render (RNDR) secured the fifth position among altcoins delivering gains to investors over the past 7 days. Despite a modest 1.5% increase during the day, RNDR has surged by 18.57% over the week, reaching a price of $4.65.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Stability Amid Altcoin Weakness

In an environment where altcoins are also experiencing a loss of strength, Bitcoin (BTC) appears to be stabilizing. Throughout the day, BTC has been trading around the $43,000 level, albeit still distant from the $49,000 level observed a few weeks ago.

As of the time of writing, Bitcoin’s 24-hour trading volume stands just above $18.5 billion, reflecting a 15% decrease. However, its overall volume remains below $850 billion, indicating a marginal decline of 0.09%.

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