Indian Government Threatens Twitter Shutdown, According to Jack Dorsey

Indian Government Demands Twitter to Block Farmers’ Protests Accounts, Threatens Shutdown and Raids

According to former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the micro-blogging platform faced numerous requests from the Indian government to block accounts that covered the “farmer protests” and criticized the government. These requests reflect the government’s efforts to control the narrative and limit dissent on the platform.

Jack Dorsey made a startling revelation, stating that the Indian government exerted pressure on Twitter to block accounts critical of the government. He further alleged that the government even threatened to “shut it down by raid and arrest Twitter India employees.” In response to this situation, Dorsey simply described India as a democratic country, highlighting the contrast between these actions and the principles of democracy.

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Twitter Faces Pressure From Major Countries

Dorsey’s statement brings attention to the growing concerns over freedom of speech and expression in India, especially in the digital space. The farmers’ protests, a contentious issue since late 2020, have sparked widespread discussion and social media platforms have played a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of information and viewpoints. The controversy surrounding these protests has triggered both national and international debates on the impact of social media in shaping public discourse.

After a widespread and prolonged farmers’ protest at the Delhi border crossings, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in November 2021 that the three controversial farm laws would be repealed. This decision came after thousands of farmers expressed their dissatisfaction with the laws and engaged in a significant strike. In an attempt to end the year-long protest, Modi admitted his inability to convince the farmers and urged them to discontinue their demonstration. The withdrawal of the laws took place during the winter session of the Parliament.

Similar to India, Turkey also faced allegations of pressuring Twitter, as revealed by Jack Dorsey. The Turkish government reportedly threatened to shut down the platform, leading to legal battles between Twitter and the government. However, Dorsey highlighted that Twitter emerged victorious in these court disputes. This indicates the challenges faced by social media platforms in maintaining their operations while upholding freedom of expression in countries with restrictive policies.

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Jack Dorsey expressed his optimism for Twitter’s future by suggesting the adoption of technologies like Nostr and exploring opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. However, he also expressed his reservations about Elon Musk potentially taking on the role of Twitter CEO, describing it as “fairly reckless.” Dorsey’s comments reflect his thoughts on the potential directions and challenges Twitter may face under different leadership and technological advancements.

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