Instagram Set to Launch Text-Based App in Bid to Rival Twitter

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The new app from Instagram will have a feed similar to Twitter, where users can see posts, including text, images, and videos from people they follow and recommended accounts.

According to reports, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, held a private meeting with a few creators and shared their plan to release a new app focused on text-based conversations. Leaked screenshots of the rumored app reveal a user interface resembling that of Twitter.

Lia Haberman, a teacher of influencer marketing and social media marketing at the University of California, Los Angeles Extension, revealed Instagram’s strategy to compete with Twitter. Haberman explained that Instagram’s upcoming text-based app will be separate from the main platform and operate independently. The app will also be compatible with other decentralized social media apps, such as Mastodon, enabling users to connect with a wider audience.

The upcoming app will have a feed similar to Twitter, where users can see posts from people they follow and recommended accounts. The posts can include text, images, and videos. However, each text-based post will be limited to 500 characters, ensuring concise messages.

Screenshots of Instagram’s new text-based app. Source: Twitter

The app that competes with Twitter will work separately from Instagram. However, creators will still have control over their accounts and can use safety features like blocking accounts and filtering keywords in the new app.

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According to sources, Bloomberg reporter Sarah Frier has confirmed that Instagram is working on a Twitter-like app. In March, Meta (Instagram’s parent company) announced its plans to create a separate decentralized social network focused on sharing text updates. The goal is to provide a dedicated space for creators and public figures to share timely updates about their interests.

Jack Dorsey’s fintech company Block, through its division TBD, has unveiled a new Web5 decentralized web platform. The platform aims to bring decentralization to applications by introducing features like “decentralized identity and data storage.” The goal is to provide a more decentralized and secure internet experience for users.

TBD’s web5 platform will bring several important elements to enable a decentralized web experience. It will utilize decentralized identifiers to enhance security and privacy. This means that users will have more control over their online identity and personal data, leading to a more secure and private internet environment.

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