JPMorgan’s Onyx to Scale Up Blockchain Trials from Project Guardian


Companies like JPMorgan and WisdomTree are looking to transform the blockchain experiments conducted under Project Guardian into financial products that can be scaled up for broader use.

Big financial firms on Wall Street are exploring ways to turn experimental blockchain projects from Project Guardian into practical, scalable solutions.


Financial Giants Eye Blockchain Integration

Stephanie Lok, a product manager at JPMorgan’s blockchain platform Onyx, emphasized the company’s significant interest in translating insights from its pilot program with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) into viable products. During the TokenizeThis event in Miami on May 10, Lok highlighted their focus on investment fund tokenization as a key area of concentration. She expressed a desire to move beyond proof-of-concept stages to industrialize their blockchain solutions.

Meanwhile, asset manager WisdomTree is also actively pursuing opportunities in blockchain-enabled finance. Maredith Hannon, head of business development for WisdomTree, discussed the company’s focus on portfolio personalization and integration with checking accounts. Hannon underscored the potential advantages of tokenizing real-world assets for investors, envisioning a myriad of variations in allocations and risk profiles.

Innovating Financial Services Through Tokenization

WisdomTree, a prominent asset manager involved in Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETF), is expanding its horizons into tokenization. Maredith Hannon, head of business development at WisdomTree, outlined the company’s plans to offer diverse on-chain services through a unified interface. This initiative aims to integrate tokenized portfolios with traditional banking services, providing clients with enhanced financial options.

Hannon emphasized the potential benefits of on-chain services, highlighting the ability for investors to optimize their capital utilization. By leveraging blockchain technology, investors can access higher-yield investment opportunities compared to traditional banking options. WisdomTree’s approach seeks to address market needs by delivering value through innovative financial solutions.

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Project Guardian: Pioneering Decentralized Finance

Project Guardian, initiated in May 2022, is a collaborative effort exploring decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and asset tokenization in wholesale funding markets. Led by key participants such as JPMorgan, DBS Bank, SBI Digital Asset Holdings, and WisdomTree, the project aims to develop open and interoperable networks, institutional-grade DeFi protocols, and trusted infrastructure. Its overarching goal is to drive innovation and efficiency in the financial sector through blockchain technology and tokenization initiatives.

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