Justin Sun Boosts Altcoin, Price Surges!

  • Renowned CEO HT Takes Action Against Individual Hindering Token’s Growth.
  • Justin Sun Reveals Future Plans Following Statements About Huobi Exchange’s Token HT.

In a recent Twitter post, the well-known CEO revealed that during the initial launch of the HT token, Huobi’s founder Li Lin provided a significant number of free HT tokens to his brother, Li Wei. Wei then allegedly manipulated the price by continuously selling these tokens, causing a downward pressure on the market.

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Sun mentioned that the community took collective action to address this issue and initiated negotiations to reclaim and eliminate the HT tokens held by Wei. He emphasized that this step was taken to ensure fairness and to protect the best interests of the HT token community.

Following Sun’s announcement, the HT Token, which had seen a 33% decline since April, witnessed a 10% increase in its value.

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