KuCoin Labs and OOFP Forge Bitcoin Ecosystem Partnership


KuCoin Labs and OOFP have joined forces to broaden their ecosystem partnerships, covering various Bitcoin assets such as BIIS and DOVI. This collaboration aims to enhance their presence and offerings within the Bitcoin space.

Today, KuCoin Labs revealed a new collaboration with OOFP, a project within the Bitcoin ecosystem. OOFP focuses on providing extra services for assets like inscriptions, runes, and NFTs. This partnership is set to bring added value and services to the Bitcoin community.

KuCoin Labs and OOFP’s Synergistic Partnership for Bitcoin Ecosystem Growth

In a strategic move, KuCoin Labs has teamed up with OOFP, a project dedicated to the Bitcoin ecosystem. OOFP employs a vault pool for mining, utilizing strategies like holding, staking, and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) to elevate asset appreciation and overall growth. The project envisions creating a vibrant Bitcoin ecosystem, offering participants the benefits of increased asset value.

Lou Yu, the head of KuCoin Labs, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing KuCoin Labs’ commitment to supporting innovative blockchain projects. According to Yu, OOFP’s vision and technology have the potential to reshape interactions with blockchain tools, and KuCoin Labs is enthusiastic about contributing to this transformative journey.

OOFP operates on the principle of nurturing a thriving ecosystem for Bitcoin assets, providing value-added services and opportunities for asset appreciation. The goal is to attract and engage participants, fostering the development and success of the broader Bitcoin ecosystem.

The collaboration with KuCoin Labs positions OOFP to expand its ecosystem partnerships, encompassing all Bitcoin assets, including BIIS and DOVI. This move aligns with OOFP’s mission to enhance the Bitcoin ecosystem’s overall vitality.

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In the Bitcoin ecosystem’s current landscape, there has been a surge in popularity, especially with inscriptions, leading to the emergence of various native protocols. KuCoin Labs’ partnership with OOFP aims to drive advancements within the BTC ecosystem, improving user experiences and widening access to blockchain technologies. Together, they envision contributing to the ongoing growth and evolution of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

KuCoin Ventures’ Investment in The Open Network and Legal Settlement

In a proactive move, KuCoin Ventures, the investment branch of the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a $20,000 grant to The Open Network (TON). This financial support is designated for five TON-based mini-applications in the realms of payments and GameFi. The grant encompasses various aspects, including innovative projects, research and development (R&D), community-building, and marketing initiatives like Future3 Campus and TON Bootcamp. It underscores KuCoin’s dedication to nurturing innovation and contributing to the growth of decentralized networks.

However, in the second week of December, KuCoin took steps to comply with regulatory efforts in New York. The exchange agreed to block users from the state and agreed to a $22 million settlement to resolve a lawsuit initiated by New York. The settlement includes a $5.3 million fine to the state and the reimbursement of $16.7 million worth of cryptocurrency to 177,800 New York investors. The legal action emerged earlier in the year when KuCoin, based in Seychelles, faced accusations of facilitating cryptocurrency transactions without registering with the state.

As part of the settlement terms, KuCoin has committed to discontinuing the trading of securities and commodities in New York, aligning with regulatory requirements in the state. This development highlights the ongoing efforts of cryptocurrency platforms to navigate and comply with evolving regulatory landscapes.

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.


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