KuCoin Lists Saros (SAROS) in Major Announcement


KuCoin has officially declared its backing for Saros (SAROS), a project based on the Solana blockchain. Deposits for SAROS are now open on KuCoin, and trading is scheduled to commence on January 19 at 11 AM (UTC).

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Saros brings unique features to the table, including non-custodial wallets, DeFi functionalities, and an NFT hub. This strategic listing on KuCoin is expected to enhance the visibility and accessibility of Saros within the crypto community.

KuCoin Embraces Saros (SAROS) in Landmark Listing Move

In a notable development, KuCoin, a leading centralized cryptocurrency exchange, has officially thrown its support behind Saros (SAROS), a rapidly growing crypto project built on the Solana blockchain. This strategic move was communicated through an official blog post and an announcement on KuCoin’s X handle, highlighting the listing of SAROS’s native token on its platform for trading. The listing on KuCoin is a significant stride in enhancing the visibility and accessibility of Saros, which operates on the Solana blockchain.

KuCoin’s Firm Endorsement of SAROS Trading: KuCoin proudly declared its endorsement of the SAROS token on its spot trading service, a move designed to empower users and facilitate their participation in SAROS trading. The announcement emphasized that users are now able to deposit SAROS on the KuCoin platform, and the deposits can be seamlessly executed through the Solana SPL network.

Unlocking Opportunities for Seamless SAROS Trading on KuCoin: This pivotal listing on KuCoin sets the stage for SAROS trading on the platform, opening new avenues for users to engage with SAROS and explore its potential within the broader cryptocurrency market. The endorsement by KuCoin is expected to amplify the reach and influence of SAROS, contributing to its continued growth within the crypto community.

KuCoin Initiates SAROS (SAROS) Trading with USDT Pairing

KuCoin, a leading centralized cryptocurrency exchange, has officially commenced trading for SAROS (SAROS) starting January 19 at 11:00 AM (UTC). The paired trading partner for SAROS is the popular Tether USD (USDT), enhancing accessibility for users on the KuCoin platform. Deposits can be conveniently executed through the Solana SPL network, streamlining the process for SAROS trading. Users will have the flexibility to initiate SAROS withdrawals starting January 20.

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Saros: From DEX to Comprehensive Mobile App: Originally launched as a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Solana blockchain, Saros is undergoing a transformative journey into an integrated mobile consumer application. With functionalities like ID, DePIN, and Payment embedded within the Solana ecosystem, Saros distinguishes itself by offering a non-custodial wallet, DeFi capabilities, an NFT hub, a dApp browser, and a robust identification system. These features position Saros as a comprehensive platform, providing users extensive access to the decentralized world and the global economy.

KuCoin’s Expanding Crypto Portfolio: KuCoin’s endorsement of SAROS follows its previous listings of MANTA, a modular blockchain focused on zero-knowledge (ZK) applications, and HON, the token associated with Soul Society—a project actively contributing to the evolution of Web3 Social ID. The addition of SAROS to KuCoin’s platform further enriches the exchange’s crypto portfolio, offering users diverse and innovative opportunities in the evolving blockchain space.

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