MEW Teams Up with LOCUS for 3D Animation Series

MEW, a cat-themed memecoin on the Solana blockchain, has partnered with LOCUS, an animation studio renowned in the Korean market, to create a new 3D animation series.

This collaboration is groundbreaking as MEW becomes the first memecoin community to venture into developing an entertainment brand and retail product line. MEW aims to gain global recognition as a leading memecoin through this initiative. Concurrently, LOCUS plans to expand its portfolio into branded content and NFTs, moving beyond its traditional focus on 3D animations and TV series.

MEW’s Expansion and Cultural Impact

LOCUS, a prominent animation studio, secured approximately $17.5 million in pre-IPO funding last year, focusing on global expansion and preparing for an IPO in early 2025. This funding aims to bolster LOCUS’s capabilities as it diversifies into new ventures beyond traditional animation projects.

MEW, a Solana-based memecoin project, has set its sights on becoming the most recognized and viewed memecoin worldwide. Collaborating with LOCUS to produce a 3D animation series, MEW aims to attract broader attention from film and TV audiences through digital media platforms.

Since its launch in March 2024, MEW has captured significant interest with airdrop events targeting holders of BONK, WIF, and Solana Saga 2 mobile phone users. Achieving a market cap milestone of over $900 million, MEW has quickly risen to prominence among memecoin investors, marking a shift in the dominance of dog-themed projects within the crypto space.

MEW distinguishes itself by integrating memes and popular culture, producing new art, clothing lines, and entertainment products based on its distinctive character assets. This approach not only enhances MEW’s appeal but also strengthens its mainstream visibility and cultural impact in the digital media landscape.

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LOCUS Expands into Web3 with MEW Collaboration

LOCUS, renowned for its successful productions like “Red Shoes” and “Yumi’s Cells” in Korea, has ventured into a new partnership with the Solana blockchain’s cat-themed memecoin, MEW. This collaboration aims to leverage LOCUS’s expertise in creating culturally significant icons and storytelling to amplify MEW’s presence globally.

The partnership signifies LOCUS’s strategic move into the Web3 market, combining high-quality animation with MEW’s grassroots community on Solana. This initiative aligns with LOCUS DX Division Head Loe Kangsan Kim’s vision to expand into branded content production and explore opportunities in the NFT space. The collaboration with MEW sets the stage for innovative commercial ventures in the evolving digital landscape.

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