Michael Saylor Warns of Growing Threats from AI Deep-Fakes

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Bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor has raised concerns about the increasing threat of AI deep-fakes in the cryptocurrency space. He emphasized a notable rise in scam videos and urged caution among crypto enthusiasts.

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Saylor’s warning comes as the technology behind deep-fakes becomes more sophisticated, posing potential risks to individuals in the Bitcoin community.

Michael Saylor Warns of AI Deep-Fake Scams in Bitcoin

Michael Saylor, the founder of MicroStrategy, has sounded the alarm about the growing menace of AI-generated deep-fake videos targeting the Bitcoin community. This cautionary message follows similar concerns expressed by other influential figures in the crypto space, including Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano.

Taking to social media, Saylor informed his followers about the removal of deep-fake videos from YouTube featuring himself, wherein scenarios promoting Bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency giveaway scams were falsely depicted.

Saylor emphasized the urgency of awareness within the community, revealing that new scam videos were surfacing every 15 minutes. He issued a clear warning, stating, “Be careful out there, and remember there is no such thing as a free lunch.” The deep-fakes portrayed Saylor discussing topics like the Bitcoin ETF and predicting a surge in Bitcoin prices.

Such deceptive practices are not new to the crypto community. In December 2023, Charles Hoskinson faced a similar situation, with scammers creating AI-generated videos featuring him in a fake Cardano giveaway. Hoskinson commented on the increasing sophistication of these deep-fakes, predicting that distinguishing between genuine and AI-generated content might soon become challenging.

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AI’s Dual Edge: Innovations and Deep-Fake Scam Risks

The rapid progress of AI technology brings both promise and peril. While it holds potential for groundbreaking advancements across industries, recent events involving figures like Saylor and Hoskinson highlight its dark side. The ability of AI to craft convincing deep-fake scams poses a significant threat, with fraudsters exploiting these technologies to create deceptive videos.

The consequences are profound. The seamless replication of public figures by AI for fraudulent purposes is concerning, extending beyond cryptocurrency to sectors where misinformation can have severe repercussions. Even tech leaders like Elon Musk acknowledge AI’s transformative potential but also emphasize the risks of its misuse.

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