Moroccan court rejects Bitcoin payment, sentences Clausi for fraud

As Bitcoin gains popularity, scams involving the cryptocurrency have become more common. However, a recent case in Morocco stands out from the rest. A 21-year-old French citizen named Thomas Clausi, who resides in Morocco, has been found guilty of Bitcoin fraud and has been sentenced to jail and fined.

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According to Euronews, Thomas Clausi’s conviction for fraud and illegal use of cryptocurrencies has been upheld by the Casablanca Court of Appeals. As a result, Clausi has been sentenced to 18 months in prison and a fine of $3.7 million. Clausi had used Bitcoin to purchase Ferrari cars in 2021.

Specifically, he bought a Ferrari valued at $436,000 from a French citizen woman residing in Casablanca, and he paid for it using BTC.

The Moroccan government does not recognize Bitcoin as a valid form of payment and considers it illegal within the country. Consequently, the payment made by Thomas Clausi in Bitcoin for the Ferrari was not accepted.

The issue arose when the woman who sold the Ferrari accepted the Bitcoin payment of approximately $436,000, but later accused Clausi of fraud. This led to the case against Clausi.

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