“New EU Rule for Talking Robots like ChatGPT to Monitor Copyrighted Materials in Training”

“People are worried about using things that belong to others without permission as more robots use AI to make new things. Lawmakers in Europe have made a plan to watch the companies that make the robots and the robots themselves to follow rules.”

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“The EU has made a new law for AI called the Artificial Intelligence Act. It puts robots into groups based on how much danger they can cause. There are safe and dangerous robots, but even dangerous ones can still be used. They just need to follow extra rules. Soon, robots like ChatGPT and Midjourney will have to tell people if they use things that belong to others in their learning.”

“After talking more, the law will get better. Svenja Hahn from the European Parliament said the new law is good because it finds a balance between checking too much and having too many rules. This is important because it keeps people safe while still letting people create new things and make money.”

“The EU’s data protector is concerned that US AI companies may face problems if they don’t follow the General Data Protection Regulations.”

“A group called Eurofi, which includes public and private organizations, has released a magazine that talks about AI and machine learning in finance. The magazine talks about how the upcoming Artificial Intelligence Act will affect AI innovation and regulation in the financial sector of the EU.”

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Georgina Bulkeley, the director for EMEA financial services solutions at Google Cloud, emphasized the importance of regulating AI. She said that AI is too important to not be regulated, and that not properly regulating it is not enough.

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The new law that the EU is working on is an important step towards regulating the use of AI and copyrighted materials in the EU. As AI technology continues to be used more widely in various areas, it’s necessary to make sure that it’s used in a fair and honest way to protect both customers and businesses.