OKX Adds Runecoin and BTC Staking

OKX Jumpstart is launching a new mining phase for Runecoin (RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE) starting at 7:00 am UTC on April 29th. Through this initiative, OKX allows BTC holders to stake their assets and earn Runecoin tokens.

The mining phase will run until 7:00 am UTC on April 30th, providing participants with the opportunity to acquire Runecoin tokens.

Introducing Runecoin Mining on OKX Jumpstart

Runecoin, powered by the Runes Protocol, represents the initial Pre-Rune airdropped to early Ordinals adopters. This innovative token facilitates engagement with Bitcoin, aiming to create a more user-centric ecosystem. With a token supply of 21 billion, Runecoin pays homage to Bitcoin’s well-known maximum supply of 21 million tokens.

Accelerating Adoption and Innovation: This inclusion marks the debut of a Bitcoin rune on a major exchange, opening up avenues for Runecoin to drive adoption, education, and innovation among Ordinals, Runes, and Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Distribution Plan and Participation: Of the total Runecoin token supply, 92.00% is earmarked for airdrops, while 5.00% is allocated to the team. Additionally, 1.75% is reserved for OKX Jumpstart, and 1.25% is dedicated to liquidity. A total of 367,500,000 tokens are available for mining in the BTC staking pool.

How to Participate: Users can participate by depositing BTC into their funding accounts on OKX, accessing the OKX application, and navigating to the Jumpstart section in the Grow category. Once the mining phase commences, users can stake their BTC by selecting the “Stake” button, specifying the desired amount, and confirming the action.

Unstaking Process: To retrieve their BTC funds, users can unstake by selecting the “Unstake” button. Funds will automatically return to their funding accounts after the mining event concludes. In case users fail to unstake before the end of the mining phase, the staked tokens will be automatically distributed to their funding accounts post-event.

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Runecoin Trading Volume and Market Statistics

According to data from the OKX Web3 wallet, the total trading volume of RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE has surged to 99.9485 BTC, equivalent to approximately $6.2 million. Within the last 24 hours alone, the trading volume amounted to 18.4354 BTC, approximately $1.1 million.

As of now, the base price stands at 26 satoshis, translating to $0.016. The project boasts a market capitalization estimated at $366.92 million.

The project has garnered interest from 107,811 investors currently holding the tokens. The average price of the token is recorded at 24,1092 satoshis. Notably, the highest recorded price for Runecoin reached 80,000 satoshis, equivalent to $52.75.

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.


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