Optimism Mainnet Successfully Completes Bedrock Upgrade

Optimism OP
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Optimism Mainnet Successfully Completes Migration to Bedrock, Key Infrastructure Restored. Deposits and Withdrawals Now Open.

Optimism has introduced a significant upgrade in the form of a hard fork, with the triggering mechanism based on a timestamp rather than a block number. This important update is expected to bring notable improvements to Optimism’s scalability, security, and flexibility.

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By implementing this upgrade, Optimism aims to enhance the overall performance and capabilities of its network, providing a more efficient and robust environment for users and developers alike.

The Optimism Bedrock Upgrade represents a significant milestone for the Optimism network, introducing a range of improvements to enhance scalability, security, and flexibility.

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One of the key objectives of this upgrade is to reduce transaction fees, with the team estimating a substantial 47% reduction in gas fees.

Additionally, system latency will be significantly reduced, as users will experience faster deposit confirmations within approximately 3 minutes instead of waiting for up to 10 minutes.

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The upgrade also focuses on improving node performance and introduces other notable features to enhance the overall efficiency and usability of the Optimism network. For more comprehensive details, it is recommended to refer to TokenWiki.

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