“Pepe Art Makes Millionaires” Enters Top 100 Assets in March

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  • According to a company that analyzes blockchain data, more than 50 people have over $1 million worth of PEPE.

The Pepe meme coin, which is based on the Ethereum platform, has been doing really well in the digital currency market lately. This has caused some people to make a lot of money and become millionaires.

Since it started, the meme coin has gone up more than 1000% and reached its highest value ever. Now it’s one of the top 100 digital currencies in terms of how much it’s worth, according to Coingecko.

Pepe prints millionaires

A company that studies blockchain activity found out that three people made over $1 million by buying and selling PEPE.

According to Lookonchain, the first person bought a lot of PEPE tokens for just one ETH (which was worth $2,100 at the time). They later sold some of those tokens for 929 ETH, which made them a profit of $1.77 million!

The person who made that profit still has a lot of PEPE tokens left, about 2 trillion of them, which are now worth around $2.37 million.

Another trader, with the username dimethyltryptamine.eth, bought even more PEPE tokens, 5.9 trillion of them, for only 0.125 ETH (which was worth $215 at the time). Later, they sold 2 trillion of those tokens for 560 ETH, which is now worth $1.06 million! They still have 3.9 trillion PEPE tokens, which are worth around $2.37 million.

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The third person got into the game a bit later and spent more money to buy PEPE. They used 2.3 ETH, which was worth $4,822, to buy 4.22 trillion PEPE tokens. But then they sold 3.22 trillion of those tokens for 670 ETH, which is worth $1.3 million now! They still have some tokens left, which are worth about $1.18 million.

Over 50 addresses hold over $1M worth of PEPE

A company that looks at blockchain data found out that more than 50 people have over $1 million worth of PEPE tokens.

Arkham Intelligence also found out that one of the first people to buy PEPE spent just $2 to get 195 billion tokens! That person sold those tokens one week later for 22.94 ETH, which was worth $42,200 at the time. However, if they had waited a bit longer, they could have made even more money.

Some of the same wallets that made money on PEPE also made a lot of money on another meme token called WOJAK. According to Cryptoslate, the price of WOJAK went up by 123.2% in just one day and reached an all-time high of $0.000451!