PEPE Coin: Flagbearer for Emerging Frog Coins?


Analyst Matthew Perry recently discussed the rise of lesser-known “frog coins” in the cryptocurrency market, alongside popular meme coins like dog and cat tokens. These frog-themed cryptocurrencies represent a new sector gaining attention due to their novelty.


Perry highlighted the potential of early-stage projects beyond the top 100 or 200 coins, suggesting they could offer significant investment returns. He provided a list of potential altcoins poised for explosive growth.

Emerging Frog Coins: Analyst’s Insights

1. Croak (CROAK)

Analyst Mathhew Perry highlighted Croak, a project trading around 0.14 cents per token. Despite recent minor fluctuations, it has shown growth from recent lows. With a market cap of $2.85 million and 2 billion coins in circulation, Croak boasts approximately $500,000 in liquidity, providing relative stability for its size. Perry suggested that projects like Croak could significantly expand with increased trading volume, potentially reaching market caps of $3 million, $4 million, or even $10 million.

2. Peipei (PEIPEI)

Perry also discussed Peipei, noting its recent 3% increase with an $81.7 million market cap and $14.8 million in daily trading volume. Recognizing its growing popularity and liquidity, Perry expects Peipei to gain further traction through additional exchange listings and community support.

3. Bome (BOME)

Perry moved on to Bome, highlighting its market cap of $735 million despite recent price declines. He viewed these dips as potential buying opportunities, emphasizing Bome’s robust trading volume of $24 million as a sign of strong market interest and liquidity. Perry expressed confidence in Bome’s growth potential, noting its availability on multiple major exchanges and numerous trading pairs.

4. Pepe (PEPE)

Finally, Perry discussed Pepe, a well-known meme coin currently boasting a market cap of $5.7 billion. Perry confidently predicted significant future growth for Pepe, suggesting it could potentially reach a market cap as high as $42 billion or more during the upcoming altcoin season.

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