Pepe NFT Generates $2M in Sales, Dominates Trading

Bitcoin Frogs Sales Skyrocket by 134% in 24 Hours, Transactions Surge by Over 39%

Bitcoin Frogs, a collection of NFTs featuring pepe-themed artwork linked to Bitcoin, has gained immense popularity in the crypto world. The latest data shows that Bitcoin Frogs has surpassed the Bored Ape Yacht Club in transaction volume, making it the top-selling NFT series in the last 24 hours.

Buys and sells of Bitcoin Frogs ( source: CryptoSlam)

The Pepe coin-themed NFT series, known as Bitcoin Frogs, has seen remarkable success with over $2 million in transaction volume from around 600 transactions. In the last 24 hours alone, sales of Bitcoin Frogs have surged by 134%, totaling $2.22 million. The number of transactions has also increased significantly, up by more than 39.68%.

According to reports, NFTs created directly on the Bitcoin blockchain have become increasingly popular since the introduction of the Ordinals Protocol earlier this year. The Ordinals Protocol enables users to include references to digital art in small transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Recently, the total number of Ordinals inscriptions exceeded 3 million, indicating a growing interest in this form of NFT creation.

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