Polygon and Google Cloud Partner for Ethereum Scaling Tools

Polygon Labs and Google Cloud have formed a partnership to improve the development of the Ethereum scaling protocol’s infrastructure and tools. The announcement was made during Consensus 2023 and is expected to benefit the Ethereum community.

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Polygon and Google Cloud have announced a partnership that will make it easier for developers to create Web3 products and DApps on Polygon’s core protocols, including Polygon proof-of-stake (PoS), Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon Supernets. This collaboration will provide developers with Google Cloud’s framework and tools to simplify integration and support the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine will be used by Polygon to help with the difficult and expensive task of setting up and running blockchain nodes. This will allow developers to use Polygon without needing to worry about configuring and running Polygon PoS nodes themselves.

In March 2023, Polygon introduced the beta version of its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) scaling solution called Polygon zkEVM. This allowed for cheaper transactions and faster deployment of smart contracts. By partnering with Google Cloud, Polygon aims to enhance their zero-knowledge technology. In tests conducted using Google Cloud infrastructure, the zero-knowledge proof technology of Polygon zkEVM resulted in faster and cheaper transactions compared to the current infrastructure available.

The partnership between Polygon Labs and Google Cloud aims to make it easier for developers to create Web3 products and DApps while promoting the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem. This collaboration will also help blockchain technology become more widely adopted by making decentralized applications more efficient, cost-effective and scalable.

Polygon is a well-known provider of infrastructure and solutions to help developers create decentralized applications on Ethereum. By teaming up with Google Cloud, they can use advanced tools and technology to make the development process easier and provide more value to their users.

To summarize, the partnership between Polygon Labs and Google Cloud is a big step forward for the Ethereum ecosystem. It is expected to have a major impact on the development and adoption of blockchain technology. With the support of Google Cloud, Polygon can continue to lead innovation and growth in the Web3 field.