Potential 60% Upside for BONK Price if Bulls Break $X Barrier


As optimism sweeps through the cryptocurrency market, meme coins like BONK are surging rapidly. BONK’s price has started a bullish reversal, gaining momentum alongside other meme coins.

Amidst growing bullish sentiment, BONK appears poised for a breakout rally aiming to set a new all-time high in May. Investors are watching closely to see if BONK can potentially increase by 60%.

BONK Price Surge Amid Bullish Momentum

The BONK price has benefited from a surge in bullish sentiment across the market, particularly during the recent bull run preceding the SEC’s approval of an Ethereum Spot ETF. This surge propelled the meme coin from the $0.000022 level, extending its ongoing uptrend.


The bullish reversal in BONK’s price coincides with a breakout from a falling wedge pattern and the completion of a rounding bottom reversal. These technical patterns suggest a potential continuation of the uptrend, with the neckline of the trend pattern positioned around the $0.000038 level.

Presently, BONK has experienced an approximately 50% increase, challenging its overhead resistance as it aims for a breakout. Despite this bullish momentum, the meme coin has encountered an intraday drop of 5.94%, trading at $0.00003311. This decline signals the potential for a significant correction in the near term.

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BONK Price Analysis and Technical Indicators

MACD and DMI Indicators: The MACD and signal lines for BONK are currently showing a bullish trend, remaining in positive territory with a notable rise in histograms. This indicates strong buying pressure and bullish momentum in the market. Meanwhile, the DMI (Directional Movement Index) shows significant divergence in the VI lines, suggesting a bullish gap with a curved ADX line, further supporting the ongoing uptrend.

Fibonacci Levels and Price Position: According to Fibonacci retracement levels, the BONK price has held above the 78.60% Fibonacci level at $0.000033 amid recent trading sessions. However, an intraday drop signals a potential for bearish continuation. In such a scenario, the meme coin may pause its turnaround rally and retest the 61.80% Fibonacci level at approximately $0.00002859.

Potential Price Movements: On a bullish note, if the current uptrend persists, BONK could target the $0.00005289 level, aligning with the 1.618 Fibonacci extension level. This optimistic scenario would indicate further upside potential for the meme coin in the coming sessions.

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