Robinhood Introduces Solana Staking and Rewards in Europe

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Robinhood Crypto announces the launch of a Solana-staking product for its European customers, alongside introducing a limited-time 10% bonus for new users during their first 30 days on the platform.

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Robinhood Crypto has revealed plans to introduce a Solana-staking product specifically for European users. Alongside this, they’ve announced a bonus program for new customers, offering incentives during their initial 30 days on the platform.

Robinhood Crypto Launches Solana Staking and Bonus Program in Europe

In a recent statement, Robinhood Crypto announced the availability of Solana staking for its European customers directly through the app. This feature enables users to earn rewards while maintaining the flexibility to unstake their holdings at any time.

Moreover, Robinhood introduced a bonus program for new customers in Europe. During their initial 30 days on the platform, new users have the opportunity to earn a 10% bonus on their net buys.

According to Robinhood, these bonuses will be disbursed in USDC stablecoins, providing users with a stable and reliable form of reward.

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Robinhood Crypto to Introduce Localized App Versions in Europe

In a recent statement, Robinhood Crypto’s Vice President Johann Kerbrat highlighted the demand from European customers for an app offering local language support and opportunities for additional passive income. Since its launch at the end of last year, the company has been attentive to customer feedback.

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Addressing these demands, Robinhood Crypto announced plans to roll out “localized” versions of the app in the coming weeks. These localized versions will cater to users in Italy, Poland, and Lithuania, reflecting the popularity of the app in these countries.

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