Sei Network Introduces Crypto Bio in Latest Discord Upgrade

Sei Network
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Sei Network, a blockchain platform, has announced an upgrade to its Discord service. Users can now get Verified Seilor roles by verifying their identity through Humanode face verification.

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Sei Network, a popular blockchain platform, has completed an upgrade to its Discord service. The upgrade includes a new feature that enhances user verification and ensures a trustworthy community. Users can now get Verified Seilor roles by using Humanode face verification.

Sei Network Enhances Discord with Upgrades

The internet has seen an increase in automated bots, making it difficult to differentiate between real users and fake accounts. With the “Verified Seilor” role, users can now prove that they are genuine humans, standing out from the crowd online.

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Here is how to do it, as per the Sei Network’s tweet:

Follow the steps in our server to get your very own Verified Seilor  role. (Server menu -> Linked Roles -> Humanode)

By implementing Humanode face verification, Sei Network takes a big step towards ensuring authenticity within its ecosystem. This process helps confirm the identity of users, reducing the chances of impersonation and fraudulent activities.

Protecting Against Sybil Attacks

In addition to making user verification stronger, the blockchain community understands the need to prevent sybil attacks and keep its main network secure.

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By promoting the Verified Seilor role and using Humanode face verification, the platform makes sure that rewards and airdrops on the main network are given only to real people, not bots or fake accounts.

Discord accounts have been targeted by hackers. An example of this is the recent attack on Arbitrum’s Discord server.

Sei Network has strengthened its user verification process by adding the Crypto Bio authentication tool BotBasher to its Discord platform. This tool helps protect against bots and ensures the community remains genuine and authentic.

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