Shiba Inu and XRP Top Bitrue Futures Trading

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) and XRP have become some of the busiest assets on the Singapore-based Bitrue exchange this week, entering the top 10 most traded list.

They join popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum, indicating strong market activity and rising interest in these tokens.

XRP Futures Market Data Highlights

According to Coinglass data, XRP saw a notable increase in futures volume this week, rising by 9.54% to reach $595.22 million across all exchanges. The open interest also slightly rose by 0.20%, totaling $622.97 million.

The long/short ratio over the past 24 hours stood at 0.9482, indicating a prevalence of short positions over long ones. This dominance is reinforced by XRP’s negative funding rate of 0.0157%.

Looking at liquidations, current data shows a total liquidation value of $204.33K for XRP. This includes $29.48K in short liquidations and $174.85K in long liquidations.

The data underscores significant liquidation activity, with Bybit leading in long liquidations at $90.16K, followed by Binance with $49.16K. As of the latest update, XRP is trading at $0.5295, reflecting a slight decline of 1.32% in the past 24 hours.

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Shiba Inu Futures Market Data Highlights

According to Coinglass data, Shiba Inu (SHIB) showed significant trading activity this week. The trading volume for SHIB increased by 17.81%, reaching $120.50 million. Open interest also surged by 10.95%, totaling $92.12 million.

In terms of trading positions, the long/short ratio over the past 24 hours was 0.8067, indicating a higher prevalence of short positions in the market.

Liquidations for SHIB totaled $139.58K, with $111.21K in short liquidations and $28.37K in long liquidations. Notably, CoinEx recorded the highest short liquidations at $44.85K and the lowest long liquidations at $978. As of the latest update, SHIB is trading at $0.000025405.

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