Shiba Inu Burn Surges: 2000% Increase – Price Rebound?

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Today, Shiba Inu, a type of cryptocurrency that works on the Ethereum platform, grabbed a lot of attention. This happened because the token’s burn rate, which is the amount of the token taken out of circulation, increased while its price went up.

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On Friday, Shiba Inu, a famous meme coin that operates on the Ethereum blockchain, became widely noticed in the crypto market. This was due to a massive increase in its burn rate, which is the amount of the coin taken out of circulation. The significant surge in burn rate caught the eyes of crypto enthusiasts globally, especially because it happened alongside a substantial increase in Shiba Inu’s price.

In addition to the surge in the burn rate, Shiba Inu saw three significant transactions where millions of SHIB were burned in the last 24 hours. At the same time, Shibarium, a layer-2 blockchain connected to Shiba Inu, achieved remarkable milestones, attracting attention on a global scale.

Shiba Inu’s Remarkable Burn Surge and Shibarium Milestones

Data from Shibburn, a platform providing insights into SHIB burning, revealed an astounding 2274.64% increase in the burn rate within the past 24 hours on January 5, 2024. During this period, the Shiba community witnessed an impressive 5.20 million SHIB coins being burned. This noteworthy data coincided with three transactions that collectively grabbed global attention, resulting in the burning of 4 million coins. Notably, the wallet address 0xa9d1…67e9 incinerated 3 million SHIB in two transactions, while another wallet, 0x60812…253d, scorched 1 million SHIB.

In parallel, Shiba Inu’s layer-2 blockchain, Shibarium, achieved significant milestones. Reports indicate that the Shibarium network accomplished the feat of amassing 1 million interacting wallets in just 18 days. This swift achievement stands out compared to other leading layer-2 networks like Arbitrum and zkSync, which took longer to reach this milestone. As of the latest update, the total number of transactions on the Shibarium network reached 256.08 million, highlighting the increasing engagement of these wallets.

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Concurrently, in tandem with Shiba Inu’s advancements, the token’s price experienced an upward trajectory on the same day.

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Shiba Inu Price Update and Market Sentiments

As of the latest update, the Shiba Inu price chart shows a positive trend over the past 24 hours, marking a 1.92% increase and reaching $0.00009847. Additionally, the coin’s market cap experienced a noteworthy uptick of 1.87%, resting at $5.80 billion.

However, taking a look at the meme coin’s weekly chart reveals a 6.65% decline, sparking further considerations for the token’s performance.

In the midst of Shiba Inu’s substantial increase in burn rate and heightened activity on Shibarium, enthusiasts in the crypto market appear to be gathering optimistic sentiments for the token.

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