Shiba Inu Lead Dev Kusama Reveals Major Updates

The lead developer behind Shiba Inu (SHIB), who goes by the pseudonym Shytoshi Kusama, has re-emerged from a period of silence to reconnect with the community. Through Telegram, he has been sharing insights into the project’s developmental direction and addressing important questions about its future.

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In a series of messages, Kusama expressed his enthusiasm for Shiba Inu’s ecosystem and the projects it encompasses. He mentioned his excitement about the various initiatives on Shibarium and his eagerness to step out of the quiet mode to support these projects. During his period of silence, he was actively involved in ongoing work and collaborations.

Kusama also disclosed that he has been in discussions with significant figures within the ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of these conversations. He expressed his willingness to contribute and support the community as they continue to build and develop the project.

These remarks from Kusama suggest a phase of reflection and strategic planning, underscoring the value of taking the time to consider the best path forward.

Major Updates on LEASH Token and Community Engagement

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of Shiba Inu, provided a significant update regarding the LEASH token, emphasizing a vision of greater community involvement and transparency. He expressed his intention to build a framework that informs the community about their plans, products, and platforms utilizing LEASH. Kusama stressed the importance of decentralization and encouraged community members to “DYOR” (Do Your Own Research).

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Regarding the low usage of Shibarium, Kusama shed light on the relationship between token “burns” and utility. He explained that as the usage of Shibarium and other tokens in the ecosystem increases, the burn rate also goes up. He shared his efforts to explore ways to boost usage within the decentralized community.

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Kusama addressed community inquiries about specific timelines for key developments, advocating for a broader perspective on time within a complex and evolving ecosystem. He emphasized the infinite nature of time and the importance of understanding the dynamic waves in the world.

These updates reflect Kusama’s commitment to transparency and collaboration within the Shiba Inu community.

Addressing Integration Challenges

During the Q&A session, Shytoshi Kusama offered a pragmatic response to questions about Shiba Inu’s integration into mainstream payment systems like McDonald’s and Burger King. He acknowledged that while Shiba Inu is already available in tens of thousands of retailers, integrating with payment systems requires careful consideration and deeper integration. This suggests that the project is actively exploring strategies for such integrations.

A noteworthy exchange took place when a user discussed the importance of the Shibarium key for integration with Hoichi, emphasizing the significance of community-driven initiatives. The project mentioned that they already have 30 active blockchains waiting to connect with Shibarium but noted that the key was missing. Kusama advised reaching out once more to address any confusion and ensure a successful connection.

SHIB manages a bullish weekly close, 1-week chart | Source: SHIBUSD on

As of the latest data available, SHIB was trading at $0.00000722. Notably, SHIB managed to close above the neckline of a descending triangle on the weekly chart, which could potentially generate new bullish momentum. The next target might be the descending trend line of the triangle, indicating an optimistic outlook for the cryptocurrency.

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