Shibarium Launch Countdown: Major Exchange Teases SHIB Token Listing

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Big exchange KuCoin is hinting at listing Shiba Inu tokens, while the launch of Shibarium is getting closer.

In an interesting twist, a big crypto exchange called KuCoin has made the SHIB community excited by suggesting that they might list tokens from the Shiba Inu ecosystem. This is happening at a similar time when the highly anticipated Layer-2 solution called Shibarium is about to be launched.

The excitement started when KuCoin’s official X account posted a clever teaser on their platform. They showed a picture of the famous Shiba Inu dog, placed right under the date of August 12. The mystery grew as they put a dog bone under the dates August 15-16, which is when Shibarium is expected to be released.

The key to understanding this mysterious hint lies in the clear meaning of the picture — the bone is a symbol for the BONE token, which is really important for the Shiba Inu ecosystem and the upcoming Shibarium. This hint makes it very clear: KuCoin is getting ready to list the BONE token when Shibarium is launched, which everyone has been waiting for.

But the mystery doesn’t stop there. KuCoin’s clever move of not putting anything for August 13 and 14 has made people wonder. Many think that this empty space might suggest the possibility of listing more than just the BONE token. Someone important in the SHIB community, who’s also part of Unification and involved in developing Shibarium, has talked about introducing the FUND token on KuCoin’s platform.

The official X account of the Shiba Inu token also joined in, asking excitedly about the possibility of listing not just the BONE token but also the LEASH token. LEASH is another token in the ecosystem that helps out in the Shiba Inu setup.

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