Solana Falls Short of $200 Target: Keep an Eye on 2 Competitors

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An analyst recently forecasted that Ethereum’s price might reach $10,000 at its peak during its cycle. However, the prediction for Solana was more modest, aiming for just $200.

Considering these forecasts, it’s crucial to keep an eye on two other possible competitors to Solana that could experience notable growth.

Bullish Short-Term Outlook for Jupiter and Optimism

Jupiter’s Potential Surge and Risks

Jupiter is nearing a resistance level at $0.68, with its current price at $0.78. Recent investment in a Solana-based token launch suggests the possibility of a substantial price increase. Indicators like MACD and 10-day SMA signal a buying opportunity, indicating a bullish short-term outlook.

However, investors should be cautious as a decrease in momentum could lead to a pullback towards support levels at $0.42 or even $0.3. The neutral RSI indicator suggests a sideways trend if positive market stimuli fail to materialize.

Optimism’s Strong Performance and Considerations

Optimism has shown impressive performance, surpassing the resistance level at $4.32 with a current price of $4.59. The 10-day SMA suggests a buy, with the price stabilizing above $4.32, hinting at a continued uptrend. If the bullish trend persists, the next target could be the second resistance level at $4.95.

However, market volatility must be considered, with nearest support levels at $2.95 and $2.22. A reversal could lead to significant downside risk. Despite this, the long-term perspective remains positive, supported by the 100-day SMA indicating sustained strength in price.

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