Solana Invests Over $10M for Expansion in Brazil

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The Solana Foundation, overseeing activities related to the Solana network, has revealed its expansion plans into Brazil.

As per local reports, the foundation intends to establish a local team and allocate more than $10 million for various Web3 sectors. These include tokenization, artificial intelligence, and art, showcasing a commitment to fostering development in these fields.

Solana Foundation’s Brazilian Expansion and $10M Investments

Solana is making significant strides in expanding its presence in Brazil. The Solana Foundation, responsible for overseeing initiatives related to the Solana network, has officially announced its plans to launch operations in Brazil this year. This expansion involves the establishment of a local group and substantial investments exceeding $10 million across various Web3 sectors.

As reported locally, the foundation is set to introduce a dedicated “superteam” in Brazil. This team will focus on developing applications on the Solana blockchain, leveraging its notable features such as low fees and scalability. The foundation has successfully implemented similar groups in seven countries, providing paid opportunities for 700 members and numerous users who participated in Solana’s hackathons.

The Solana Foundation expresses its commitment to invest over $10 million in diverse areas within the Brazilian Web3 ecosystem. These areas include art, tokenization of assets, and artificial intelligence (AI). Brazil holds a strategic position as one of Solana’s priority markets for expansion in 2024, with these fields identified as core investment interests.

Diego Dias, heading the Brazilian and Latam group, highlights that these “superteams” originated as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and have evolved into extensions of the Solana Foundation in different global regions. Diego emphasizes that the objective of these interventions is to empower the community, placing it at the forefront of growth and innovation within the Solana ecosystem. He states:

“Our intention at the Solana Foundation is to have a diminishing influence on the ecosystem and empower our community to lead the future of Solana.”

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Sol, the native token of the Solana network, experienced remarkable growth in the past year. It surpassed Ethereum in decentralized exchange trading volumes in the last week of December and witnessed a price increase of over 700% in 2023.

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