Solana Mobile to Release Second Crypto Smartphone: Source


The next phone after Saga is getting an upgrade in both its hardware and a more affordable price, as shared by someone who knows about the upcoming plans.

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Solana Mobile is getting ready to release another smartphone, following the unexpected success of its initial crypto-ready phone, according to someone who knows about the company’s plans.

Solana Mobile’s Next Smartphone: Familiar Features, Lower Price

The upcoming Solana Mobile phone, succeeding the Saga model, is set to maintain key features such as an onboard crypto wallet, customized Android software, and a “dApp store” for crypto applications. However, it will come with a more affordable price and different hardware, as revealed by an insider. The initial Saga phone was priced at $1000 upon its launch last year but faced price reductions due to sluggish sales.

This new release aims to address the surging demand in the secondary market for the limited supply of existing Saga smartphones. Currently, factory-sealed Saga devices are fetching bids as high as $3,200 on eBay, marking a significant increase from their value five weeks ago.

The Saga phone’s fortunes took an unexpected turn when crypto enthusiasts realized it came with an allocation of BONK tokens, surpassing the device’s price. Within a week, all Saga phones were sold out. Subsequently, owners of Saga phones benefited from various projects airdropping valuable tokens and NFTs to the 15,000 phones in circulation. These airdrops not only enriched the Saga community but also spurred more Solana developers to explore mobile application development.

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