Solana Overtaking Ethereum for Memecoins?

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Many people are starting to feel that creating and trading meme coins on Ethereum is no longer a good option. Why? Because Solana is becoming a potential alternative, and recent on-chain activity supports this idea.

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The change is clear when you look at the success of Solana-based meme coins like BONK, which has become quite popular in the cryptocurrency community.

Solana Emerges as Premier Hub for Meme Coins

On January 15, a user named Moon highlighted a significant development, positioning Solana as the “ultimate retail chain” for meme coins. Moon expressed the view that trading meme coins on Ethereum doesn’t make sense anymore, pointing to Ethereum’s high gas fees and slower processing speeds, which are impractical for the fast-paced nature of meme coin trading.

Solana price trending upward on the daily chart | Source: SOLUSDT on Binance, TradingView

Solana, with its lower on-chain gas fees, has become an appealing alternative. The platform’s scalability and affordability align well with the volatile and rapidly evolving meme coin market. Solana’s ability to process transactions at a higher rate than Ethereum, coupled with lower transaction fees, makes it an attractive choice for meme coin enthusiasts seeking faster and more cost-effective trades.

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The growing popularity of Solana as a meme coin hub is exemplified by the recent success of BONK. This meme coin, listed on major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, witnessed significant gains, gaining attention from retail investors and meme coin enthusiasts. BONK’s success is attributed to its unique branding, community engagement, and integrations across decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

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Notably, beyond BONK, other Solana-based meme coins have achieved success. As of January 15, Coin Gecko data reveals that Myro and Dogwifhat are two meme coins with market caps surpassing $136 million and $350 million, respectively. Solana’s rise as a prominent platform for meme coins is further solidified by the adoption and market success of these tokens.

Top Solana meme coins | Source: Coin Gecko

Ethereum’s Enduring Dominance Despite Challenges

Despite facing scaling challenges and comparatively higher on-chain gas fees, Ethereum continues to maintain its dominance in the crypto space. Several of the world’s most significant meme coins, such as Shiba Inu, PepeCoin (PEPE), and Floki Inu, are built on the Ethereum platform. As of the latest data, PEPE and Shiba Inu boast market caps exceeding $510 million and $5.6 billion, respectively.

Even in the face of competition, Ethereum remains the preferred choice for certain applications. Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, emphasized in a recent interview that Ethereum, not Solana, is expected to be the primary platform for companies seeking to tokenize real-world assets. To address scalability issues, Ethereum developers are planning to implement both off-chain solutions like layer-2s and on-chain approaches such as Sharding. Despite the challenges, Ethereum’s widespread adoption and established position in the market continue to play a pivotal role in the crypto landscape.

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