Solution Deployed to Restart SOL Network Amid Outage

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Solana, a prominent blockchain network, is currently experiencing a significant outage, leading validators to make preparations for a network restart.

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Solana experienced a major disruption, causing block progression to halt. The network’s operations were disrupted, prompting stakeholders to take immediate action. Efforts are underway to fix the issue and restore normal functionality to Solana.

Solana Faces Critical Outage: Urgent Efforts Underway to Restore Functionality

Solana’s system status page recently reported a significant performance degradation, signaling a critical outage within the network. This assessment was further validated by Laine, a trusted Solana validator, highlighting the severity of the situation. With block progression halted, Solana’s operational integrity faces a notable challenge, prompting the need for swift action to identify and address the underlying cause.

In response to the outage, core engineers swiftly mobilized to identify its root cause and implement remedial measures. Their diligent efforts have led to the development of a fix aimed at restoring normalcy to Solana’s operations. Network validator @mtromp issued a crucial announcement, affirming the development of a solution tailored for validators to promptly implement. This proactive approach highlights the collaborative efforts within the Solana ecosystem to swiftly address disruptions and uphold the network’s reliability.

Jupiter Exchange Offers Support Amid Solana Network Downtime

In response to the ongoing downtime of the Solana network, Jupiter Exchange reassures its users through a post on X, emphasizing dedicated support amidst the disruption. Despite the current outage, the entire Jupiter team remains prepared to address any inquiries promptly. Users are encouraged to open a ticket on Discord, where Jupiter’s support team will promptly attend to their queries.

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Furthermore, Jupiter Exchange provides clarity regarding stop-loss orders for perpetual contracts during this period. Users can rest assured that stop-loss orders will execute precisely at the designated price, ensuring continued security and reliability for traders navigating the volatile market conditions.

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Solana Validators Prepare for Network Restart

Validators within the Solana network are taking crucial steps to ensure a smooth restart following the recent outage. One essential task involves generating snapshots using their local ledger state. This meticulous process captures the most recent data before the outage, laying the foundation for resuming operations seamlessly. Laine, a respected Solana validator, has provided insight into this preparatory phase, highlighting the meticulous efforts undertaken to safeguard the network’s integrity.

The upcoming validator software release marks a significant milestone in Solana’s recovery efforts. This update includes a critical patch designed to address the underlying issue responsible for the cluster’s halt. The Solana Foundation, responsible for maintaining the network, has emphasized the importance of validator operators swiftly adopting the new software release.

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