SOMA Finance to Launch Retail-Compliant Security Token

SOMA Finance

SOMA Finance is getting ready to launch a digital security token that follows legal guidelines and can be purchased by retail investors in the U.S. and worldwide. Token holders stand to receive dividends, potentially up to 10% of SOMA’s profits.

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SOMA Finance, a partnership between DeFi provider MANTRA and broker-dealer Tritaurian Capital, is gearing up to launch the SOMA token. They claim it will be the first legally compliant digital security available to retail investors worldwide, including in the U.S.

The SOMA token marks the first Regulation Crowdfunding issuance on the U.S.-compliant hybrid decentralized marketplace. It introduces digital securities alongside its crypto assets and NFT platform rollout. This Regulation Crowdfunding avenue offers compliant access to capital and digital assets for companies wanting to embrace DeFi while adhering to securities laws.

Unlike typical crypto tokens that don’t represent equity in the issuer, the SOMA token provides a financial stake in SOMA Finance. It functions as a non-cumulative, participating preferred stock. SOMA plans to sell tokens worth up to $5 million in multiple tranches, initially priced at $2.50 per token. Token holders can potentially receive dividends of up to 10% from SOMA’s profits.

SOMA Finance’s marketplace launch is ongoing, featuring its SOMAguard onboarding platform. The upcoming SOMA token sale will introduce its SOMAstarter launchpad, followed by the SOMAswap decentralized exchange and more products.

The platform not only supports Regulation Crowdfunding but also enables Regulation D, Regulation S, and Regulation A listings. It facilitates compliant trading and issuance of tokenized equities and security token offerings.

Tritaurian will manage regulated activity on the platform, leveraging SOMA Finance’s technology.

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